Weight Watchers

I'm doing Weight Watchers and on my to my goal of 135. I am following the WW Flex Point Plan and excercizing a several times a week. I'll be posting here my progress so if I don't post, write me and give the a good "whatfor". This is something I have to do, to become the lady for the Lord and my husband that my heart so desires.

date weigh-in loss bmi total lost


189.3 / 85.7

nothing yet…


hmm, that would be 0


 185.8 / 84.1

 3.5 lbs /     1.6 kg


 3.5 lbs /     1.6 kg


Just a little bit of back-history. I started WW 2 years ago. I lost down to 175 from 235 and then maintained that for a while. Sadly, as you can see, the lbs are slowly finding their way home again. 😦  Check back often, I'll be posting my progress weekly. I know it takes a lot of guts or total ignorance to post this stuff, but until someone admits they have a problem they can do nothing about it. So here goes.

Here's some pics of my progress so far. I went from 235 to 175 and now I'm finishing my WW race.

  1. This is a neat blog. I am really thinking about starting a journal on my weight also. Thanks for all of the encouragement. It’s going to be exciting when we reach our goals. Oh, that means I need to set a goal. I am praying for you.

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